Kinect has turned Fable: The Journey into an arcade shooter

Microsoft demoed Fable: The Journey at their E3 2011 press conference, but it might not be what fans expect. Or want | Raiding Party

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slavish32691d ago

series already is going down hill at least this will be something different. They could have been more creative with kinect just look at ghost recon

Skip_Bayless2691d ago

worst of all it's 2012. Really... it takes them that long to make a pile of crap like this.

Active Reload2691d ago

I liked what I saw with Ghost Recon. The opening of your palms to shoot looked kinda' slick.


That was the only part I didn't like, I think a closing hands for shooter would be better... The whole minority report weapon assemble was pretty cool. Not a gaming changing feature that's only possible on Kinect (as the presenter said on conference) but a really cool feature, and one that looked like works greatly.

But better yet is if MS realize that you don't need to choose between scan controller or buttons and started to work on sub controllers so you can use both.

A simple button for one hand (trigger) and a analog stick for the other (walking) would do wonders for Kinect with the hardcore crowd.

I know they based all their advertising on the "you are the controller" stuff, but seriously, motion controls only cut it for hardcores if they are practical and functional.

Opening hand to shoot isn't either practical, realistic or cool... It's just something you have to do because MS pretends Kinect have no limitations (everything have) and is too stuborn to combine buttons and scan.

guigsy2691d ago

Definitely the most disappointing announcement in the Microsoft press conference. I honestly don't know what they were thinking taking Fable and turning it into this.

Tony P2691d ago

Points for trying, but that is certainly crap.

Hey, game might turn out to be good, but it won't be on my shelf.

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maddfoxx2691d ago

Watching that demo was so painful. The whole time I was like. . . really is that all they could come up with?

It didn't seem fun at all :(

I've seen some really cool things for kinect tho.

Burning_Finger2691d ago

Kinect turned everything to S***.. sad

HeavenlySnipes2691d ago

What did you expect. You can't move with the kinect unless you use a controller. They should have went the Mass Effect route and used it only for its voice commands.

Kyur4ThePain2691d ago

But then it's a $150 microphone.

JAMurida2691d ago

Which you could probably just use a normal mic for like how the old SOCOM offline games were.

HeavenlySnipes2691d ago

but if they are going to try to shoehorn Kinect into everything, they might as well do it more subtly.

The Fable series is just about dead, making this crap is a nail in the coffin.

RememberThe3572691d ago

This was exactly my fear with Kinect; they'd take my favorite series and dumb them down into crap. It looked like pure crap to me, so I guess my fears have been realized.

jdktech20102691d ago

Please don't screw up Halo....PLEASE

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