Tomb Raider: A Darker, More Visceral Lara Croft


"Will fans find her new banged up body & character desirable?

Hopefully it will inject a new lease of life into the aging character and gameplay.

While the recent Tomb Raider Guardian of Light DLC game was a good new approach, the proper Tomb Raider games were getting dated compared to new challenger Uncharted.

So the series needed new life, but will diehard fans of our once over-proportioned Lara find ‘pleasure’ in the new, more realistic Lara and her grittier game?"

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gaminoz2744d ago

I think the new direction is good, but it's the new gameplay that matters...I just played some some of Underworld recently and the camera drove me nuts compared to Uncharted.

BadCircuit2744d ago

Yeah that game looked okay but the game really feels dated now.

WhittO2744d ago

Ye I was impressed with the gameplay shown for TR, has alot of potential to be great.

Max_Dissatisfaction2744d ago were able to feel the game without playing it

fluffydelusions2744d ago

Game looks really nice IMO but I think the moaning sounds are a bit overdone.

XboxOZ3602744d ago

You ever tried running along doing the stuff she is, I think you'd be doing a lot more than the moaning she's doing lol.

Foxgod2744d ago

I think the moaning is just for that level, i expect her to gradually recover throughout the game.

Son_Lee2744d ago

The moaning/screaming makes it more realistic. Tell me: If you were put in that situation, would YOU not be screaming and moaning constantly?

Godmars2902744d ago

Still have to ask what if anything else are they going to do for another game. This is survival(ist) horror not adventure. How are they going to put her in this kind of a situation again?

Foxgod2744d ago

Something similar?
A woman with guns going trough a lot?

XboxOZ3602744d ago

SOmetimes genres need to be bent, combined, changed.

One thing the gaming fraternity, ie; newer gamers, need to understand, games have 'evolved since the dawn of creation. Changing styles, bending their genres, in order to survive in a extremely competitive and cutthroat environment.

If you don't, you go under, the game doesn't sell, and you can kiss tens of millions of $$'s good bye forever.

They are making a break, it's a whole new Lara, and a whole new series, get used to it and ENJOY it rather than critise it.

Foxgod2744d ago

I really liked what i saw in the trailer, hopefully there will also be gunplay in the game.

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