Far Cry 3 will blend aspects of Far Cry 1 and 2

OXM UK: "The just-detailed Far Cry 3, already explored at some length by OXM's Jonty, is like "the guy who comes through the window at three o'clock in the morning with a knife". That's what developer Ubisoft Montreal's Dan Hay is aiming for, anyway."

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Ares842692d ago

For me it was the most impressive game out of any. Yes Uncharted 3 is my most wanted game still along with Skyrim but this game got me by suprise....

.....did I tell you the deffenition of suprise? :D

rdgneoz32692d ago

Not sure the "deffenition" of surprise, but I do know the definition of surprise. And yah, the game did surprise me. Hopefully they take a little time and make it great. Already looks good and I like what I hear so far.

ger1012692d ago

So there's going to be respawning checkpoints again?

Taken off my 'To Buy' list now.