Kudo Tsunoda: 'Core Gamers Love Kinect'

Kinect creative director tells NowGamer that he thinks that core gamers want to see Kinect in their 'core experience'.

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fluffydelusions2691d ago

This guy has been wearing sunglasses so long he's starting to go insane.

Anarki2691d ago

lol this proves that microsoft has no idea what the core gamers want. They probably thought sesame street was perfect for the core gamer.

Yi-Long2691d ago

... you wouldn't want people to recognize you on the streets either.

What a clueless douche this guy is.

sikbeta2691d ago

Well guys, you heard the man, if you don't love kinect, you are not a freaking hardcore gamer at all XD

zeal0us2691d ago

whatever he's taking give me some

WhittO2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

I can't stand him, he ruins everything as soon as I see him lol.

"Ever wonder what the bottom of an Avatars shoe looks like?? (It's all I think about..) Then BAMM!!"

Active Reload2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

I love Kinect, but it's not based on the games. I just love new and interesting tech.

Edit: Disagrees? Your actions speak volumes, lol.

ImHereNow2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Yes, yes we do Kudo

GREAT JOB at the conference Kinect showing up in more 'core' games is good.

MS is going to have a KILLER 2nd half of the year



Tell me about it... The moment I saw this guy I could feel supernatural forces ripping the smile out of my face... It was like "damn no, here comes the BAMM again..."

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5119ent2691d ago

i would agree...but they dont love the games

metsgaming2691d ago

thats the reaction i had i laughed, then i looked at the picture and laughed again.

Bull5hifT2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

this guys a sellout, only good thing was he made fight night 3 and def jam icon and DEF JAM needed more time in the stove

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Feckles2691d ago

He should probably talk to some core gamers before he says things like this.

Agent-862691d ago

Wearing sunglasses all day has definitely clouded his judgement.

fluffydelusions2691d ago

lol. I just posted the same thing

Agent-862691d ago

@plbelanger, by the time stamp, it looks like you beat me by a minute, too.

Godmars2902691d ago

but then he'd have to lie. This way he can - technically - tell the truth. Being a gamer and all who loves Kinect because of the bonus checks it gives him.

Convas2691d ago

Wow. Dude. Get with the times. We sure as hell don't.

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The story is too old to be commented.