Battlefield 3 to feature custom dog tags

A brand new feature will find its way to Battlefield 3: the ability to customize one's dog tags with stats, images, pictures and more.

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ATiElite2716d ago

I hope you guys make some really really nice ones so I can add them to my collection.

MUH ha hahh ha!

BeastlyRig2716d ago

I would love a feature that I can watch my friends play & checkout their style.

Catatafish2716d ago

Aweeeeesome I say. Only make knifing someone in the back all the sweeter when you collect his custom tag.


lil Titan2716d ago

ill be taking yours day one you get online, just watch your back

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TardcoreGamer2716d ago

..Custom dog tags to snatch?

Wizziokid2716d ago

great news, love collecting those things, makes melee killing so much better

Tripl3seis2716d ago

thats pretty cool i love collecting dog tags!

DarkSpawnClone2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

>;] yeah i killed me some snipers in my days bugs me how most snipers never use there motion sensors to find people that are trying to kill them blahh snipers suck..well the noob ones lol

Ser2716d ago

This tickles my fancy.

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