Bleszinski: I'd hack Kinect if I were a teenager

"I don't understand if there are gamers out there that are weird about Kinect. What's the problem? You know, if you don't like it, don't play it. Coming into this room, I had an interesting conversation where one of the [Microsoft] PR people pulled me aside and said: 'It's come to our attention that, erm, you might not like Kinect.' And I'm like: 'Does anybody read my Twitter feed? I went to the fucking launch of it in New York. I love it.'

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DaThreats2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Cause Kinect is prevent more core titles to be created. Really ME3 using Kinect? Why can't I just use a headset? Star Wars for Kinect...yeah, using Move I can actually walk around in the game with, unlike Kinect its on rails. Kinect would actually be better on move, because of that, and with holding the move, it would feel like I am really using a lightsaber. Just about anything Kinect can do, the Move can do, if you are using a headset as well, with the motion control of it having even better accuracy. What a god damn waste.

BakedGoods2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

I think as developers get older, they lose touch with the reality of gaming. Cliff's an example of someone who innovated, but is now jumping on cash cow bandwagons like Kinect, expecting the core to care. See Molyneux for another example--Fable's now become a kiddie-RPG.

Louis_Guzman2691d ago

@Bakedgoods: What exactly has Cliff B. innovated again?

radphil2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )


Unreal Tournament

People still to this day play UT2k4 :)

and then UT3 came along.... :(

DeleteThisxx2691d ago

So true, I can't even imagine playing that Star Wars game on Kinect. The dude demoing it looked like he was struggling too

Bladestar2691d ago

but you see yourself playing eye pet on the Playstation Move.

That the things about sony lovers. It's what kinect does well and bring to the table to developers like. Dance central; Ghost Recon weapon, voice command shown with Mass Effect, head tracking with Forza, it just that if it's not Sony than it's just not good.

Will I ever play Star Wars on kinect? hell no. I would not play it on playstation or wii or anything because it sucks.

But coming from back when the dpad was king and N64 introduced the joystick that everyone hated until developers started using right with.

remember when people though (many sony fans) that shooters were not possible on consoles? lol.

Sony fans are genetically coded to hate everything until sony copy it.

DeleteThisxx2691d ago


Your argument is void. Sony fans didn't think FPS's weren't possible on consoles, if anything they embraced it.

PC fans on the other hand did not think they were possible. Hell, hardcore PC fans still refuse to play shooters without anything but a mouse and a keyboard.

And yes, I do see myself playing EyePet with Playstation Move, my girlfriend loved it and it gave her the chance to experience and enjoy something I've been doing for years. That in itself warranted a purchase. Star Wars for Kinect/anything for Kinect looks like nothing more than a pile of trash.

Mind you, I do own a PS3/360/Wii...Your stupid fanboy argument will not work here.

DeleteThisxx2691d ago

After going through some of your comments I can see you're a typical Xbot, grow up kid, get off Microsofts **** and accept that just because your preferred platform has one accessory DOESN'T mean it's good.

I'm glad you feel paying 150 dollars for voice control (lmao) was worth it. Sorry, I prefer my Mass Effect with a controller. It's quicker and there's less room for error.

JsonHenry2691d ago

"I'd hack Kinect if I were a teenager.. but now I snort blow off a hookers tits while driving in my Lamborghini instead."

Bzone242691d ago

"Really ME3 using Kinect? Why can't I just use a headset?"

You can just use a headset.

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MinusTheBear2691d ago

So he is outing that MS' PR is forcing him to "love" Kinect. I find it weird that he would suddenly like Kinect so much when he can be totally anal about the dualshock.

metsgaming2691d ago

He reminds me alot of an actor or comedian i cant place the name. Anyone know who im thinking of ?

NiceGuy1922691d ago

Look-wise? Perhaps Ben Stiller?

user83971442691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Jamie kennedy is the one you talking about.

MGRogue20172691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

""It's [PlayStation] Move that I dog on all the time, with its two goofy looking airplane coming in things, right? Less plastic on my coffe table is a good thing as far as I'm concerned. I'm a fan."

of course he would diss the PS Move like that, The dude is a Xbox 360 fanboy.. /obvious

mastiffchild2691d ago

I like Cliffy and don't like the way PS fans diss him all the time but on this one he's a tool. He's come across like a hired chill and acted in a way that similar figures(in respect for games masde)wouldn't dream of lowering themselves to. Does Kojima act the fanboy? Does Jaffe mock Kinect? Did either of them big up a game like Buletstorm which was a HUGE, massive leap backwards for PCF's past, from Painkiller and any other shooter with a comic bent. It' put dick jokes back 50 years too it was that weak.

Ove stuck up for CB on these voards time and ahain. Said it's refreshing to have a guy happy to give an opinion but he's sounding more like a butthurt fantart every time he tweets abboput the mess they made of not having another controller with Kinect. Add a Nav/Nunchuck and there's LIMIYLESS potential for game in millions of henres but as it stands it'sa host of limitations useful only to the feeble minded or disabled incapable of using normal pads and even there they haven't put in the effort.that SW games was EMBARRASSING but CB is stuck with the Move dildo jokes? He says the finger pointing is amazing? Well the "dildo"accuracy was amazing out of the box-and I rarely use Move, Wii and never Kinect since the time I have it's been laggy and the games not good enough to bother working it through. Everyone I now who bought Kinect is sick of the samey games-even kids FFS so where are you finding this awesomeness?

People are dogging Kinect cos the gameas are shit and there's not a hope on the skyline of a good one coming-is that too hard Cifford? I'm certain Gears3 would be using it as a main scheme like KZ ansd Socom did with Move seeing how versatile, accurate and blessed shit hot Kinect has become? Oh, that's right you use sod all from Kinect. Practise what you preach and have the decency top say how amazing some of the ?move stuff has been and how amazing Sorcery looks and is too-better than anything kinect related. the whole refusal to use anything but yourself with it has made it a devs nightmare and the "yo7 are the controller" strapline is one MS are hanging themselves with while it hangs round our necks too aswe're starved of non Halo games.

MS used Kinect to write of the core gamer-it has no decent uses and no decent games. People hate it fo those reasons and if CB though it better his games would effing well use it.

I sat through MS hoping fo realshocks and exclusives. Best game was a MP in TR which will,yet again, sell best on PS3. and I doubt any non Halo core 360gamers left feeling any great support from a company THEY kept alive during the worst hardware failof ANY electronic manufacturer EVER.Way to cheat us loyal customers. Why keepup the Live sub? Just fo Gears and Halo?Everything else is available onsteam and PSN with more besides FREE opf charge once you buy the game. they lost core ground again today and CB wants to defend the thing they lost it to support when Kinect still hasn't ~OONE game worth playing?

If Sony come out with an equally crap copnference we're truly stuffed cos I, for one, am suick of playing the same Nintendi games every generation and sifting through the Wii shovelware for the odd gem was a pisstake.

lazertroy2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Get off of Kinects D***.

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