Game on: Console makers in three-way shoot-out

The Independent provides an analysis on the current situation of the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the Wii as they prepare for Christmas.

"As the Chistmas season approaches Nintendo has been winning market share from rivals Sony and Microsoft by targeting consumers outside the hard-core market."

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JasonPC360PS3Wii4879d ago

Wii has the hardware (inovation), the 360 has the software (great games) and the PS3 has some movies (and unfullfilled promises).

The Swordsman4879d ago (Edited 4879d ago )

The Wii also has a library made up of absolutely terrible exclusives while the Xbox 360 has reliability issues.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4879d ago

Thats why I wrote Wii "hardware" and 360 "software" the rest was just to piss you off.

ruibing4879d ago

I wouldn't call the Wii a great hardware innovation, it is more of an innovation of the interface, like the iPod's click wheel versus its competitions.

As for the 360, I think they just had a good development plan in bringing the console a year ahead of everyone else and immediately killing the Xbox in order to increase demand for the 360. They obviously knew they needed to have a head start and got it.

And as for the PS3, I see what you did by giving away the hardware and software so the PS3 has nothing left. The PS3's best features are also its biggest hindrance as including HDD, Blu Ray, and wireless on every PS3 gave it the same amount of feature on every system but also increased its cost. Their goal of creating a system that will last ten years drove them to use the Cell processor, but it also inadvertently gave their system the biggest learning curve of all the next gen systems. But the good news is that the Blu Ray is starting to pay off in both the console and format war as organic dye is soon to make mass production cheap and second generation burners are already on the market. The Cell processor makes it difficult to start with but as their development tools improve and each developer makes a single game for the PS3, it will become easier to make more. Insominac games was able to produce Ratch & Clank much faster than Resistance thanks to the experience they got from Resistance. I suspect this trend to follow as each developer gains more experience with creating various engines for the PS3 and develop more efficient codes. Sony was very good to its PS2 owners by not killing it off but it also reduced the demand in the first year for the PS3, so its hard to say if it was a good decision. We'll know by next year.

Game Crazy4879d ago

They all have thier flaws. All 3 consoles brings something to the table that thier competitors dont. All 3 will be successful. All 3 consoles will have exclusive games that I want to play. It's definetly a 3 horse race. The only console I dont have is a Wii and I am getting that before the end of the year. I say we should let the games decide who has the best console.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4879d ago

The 360 isnt realy innovative at all unless you count Live, it just has great games. One thing that is obvious about the PS3 is it's reliable, a big change from the PS2 wich wasn't. The Wii is very innovative, just wish the games were.

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PimpHandHappy4879d ago

you must be a little chump kid because anyone that writes something just to piss ppl off is a complete and total doosh bag. Im guessing ur 17 and around 300pounds. Im guessing u suck at all the games u play on your 360 and that leads to these issues of tring to make others mad.

Welcome to my ignore list kid

P1MPDADDY4879d ago (Edited 4879d ago )

I think thier are a bunch of oversensitive b*tches on this site. You need a tissue PimpHandHappy? Then you go on to show just how much better your are by insulting him personally. Real great. Oh whats next? Start a conspiracy to take away his bubbles like you did mine?

Edit: I saw you post in another article about how all the users on this site should take away my bubbles. Its funny how you used to act like my friend when I owned a PS3, then the minute I trade it in for a 360 you turned on me. Beleive me I have the PM's to prove it. Your the only with the name "Pimp" on this website with an agenda. It would be one thing for you to stick up for the PS3 but you needlessly bash the 360 too. I owned both consoles so my opinion would carry more weight than yours ever would. It's called hands on experience. Bubbles or not. I could care less if what I say offends others I live in the USA and I am entitled to freedom of speech. This site is infested with Sony fanb*tches that get their feelings hurt and band together to take away bubbles. The bubble system is a joke.

Oh and BTW I dont hide behind some avatar claiming Pimp status. I happen to be proud of how I look. Are you? Whats the real reason you make fun of people. Is there some insecurity your making up for, are you jealous of the way other people look? Maybe you suffer from impotence, or your gay? Who knows. Did somebody pick on you in school, maybe you didnt get enough hugs from your parents. Maybe your actually a woman, or a sex change went bad??? Am I close???

Your a joke. Just another laptop warrior who flings insults and trys to harm others while hiding behind your keyboard and mouse in the comfort of your own home. It's amazing how inscure PS3 fanboys are and how easy it is to get you guys angry. It's just a f*cking videogames console. Relax. Dont hurt yourself over there.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4879d ago (Edited 4879d ago )

Pu$$y stand and fight like a man and not like a whining PS3 schoolgirl who just pi$$ed her panties.

Edit: Pimp I don't understand why you only have 1, I have 81 Droid ignores and you have 35 but I have 5 bubbles and you have 1 and i'm mean as hell to the Droids.

DeckUKold4879d ago

bubbles for what you said and cause u definitely need it lol

Quickstrike4879d ago

reason to get a PS3:
A) The games that has yet to be released
B) no breakdowns
C) Blu-ray
Reason not to get a PS3:
A) The few games that are out are mediocer 2 avg
B) there are just 3-5 games that are nearly perfect
C) most ports from 360 are horrible

Reason to get a 360:
A) Halo
B) lots of games
C) Great online
Reason not to get a 360:
A) Red Ring of Death
B) seriously there are a lot of games but Halo out does them all
C) Online that you have to pay for

Reasons to get a Wii:
A) Cheapest of the 3
B) Lots of inovative games
C) Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Reasons not to get a Wii:
A) the fun will wear off
B) It can wear you out
C) low quality graphics

PimpHandHappy4879d ago


sorry u feel its my fault u cant share a opinion without sounding like a tool. Maybe its ur avitar thats makes me think ur a meathead taint licker. Maybe its ur lack of nuts that makes u feel a need to walk around in a wife beater t-shirt. Maybe you think you can kick everyones butt on this site and you want to prove it via flex out.

maybe maybe maybe

maybe you lost your bubbles because you dont bring anything to the table when you speak.

When i speak here i try not to make ppl mad. I try to give my opinion without bashing the others. The only thing i rant, you might say flame on, is RROD and how these 360ppl can tell us the PS3 is junk. I think the lack of good games is overplayed on the PS3 also. I have alot of good games and there is alot more coming in the next 6months.

Im not here to defend one system per say. I just know what i surport and one of the things i surport is the sharing of opinions and ideas

PimpHandHappy4879d ago (Edited 4879d ago )

i also rant on ppl that use my name

ADD ON PIMPSLAP: Nah dude im good. I wasnt the kid that got picked on. I played all the sports and im good with my look. I could stand to lose a few 4sure. I danced in the middle of a Lamb of God mosh pit for a full hour and if i was in bad shape i would have never been able.

I have a myspace with pics and if i thought of you as a cool gamer i might have sent u the link.

What you are is the typical meathead. It rings true in the tone of your comments and the tone of your response.

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