Lazy Tech Guys: Electronics Arts E3 2011 Press Conference Summary

Electronic Arts came to the Orpheum in Los Angeles announcing nine, get that, nine games. The made it a point to show the “Origin” gaming service they recently announced as it’s their “Onlive” type service. Overall it was a good conference that would make core gamers excited, unlike other conferences. Here is a summary of what they announced.

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ATiElite2690d ago

They showed more BF3 footage....what else did they need to do?

Mass Effect 3 has me hyped even though it's clearly gone 3rd person shooter.

Kingdoms of Amular is coming along very nicely from the last game play i saw. looks like they fixed the clunkiness.

FIFA is the new Madden. Madden is Madden and Need For Speed looks great using the Frosbite 2.0 but i'm not feeling the QT events.