First Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard Update Screens, Full Details on Update

Microsoft is set to release a new Xbox 360 dashboard update this Fall that will include Cloud storage solution for Xbox 360 owners and much more Kinect interface usage. View the first images of the new dashboard.

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Warprincess1162690d ago

Sony needs to give us a new interface update. The new dash update looks amazing. Im so jealous.

VegaShinra2690d ago

IDK looks a lot like the XMB now. Which is good for all

Anarki2690d ago

Just to point out how this dashboard is looking more and more like the XMB on PS3... any one else think so?

Active Reload2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Did the XMB get a face lift? Last time I saw it, it didn't look anything like this, lol. Pfftt...

Edit: Disagrees? Put some pics or vids up, lol.

MinusTheBear2690d ago

Hmm lets see, sections layered horizontally for quick access then vertical for more advanced selections in that section. Seems a lot like the xmb to me.

Godmars2902690d ago

As far as I can tell here you go from left to right through various icons or tablets going into sub icons. The only difference besides the ability to go up/down through another set of sub-icons is that this interfeace lists things which you might not own and get you to buy them.

Its advertising within the interface while you use it.

Fallouts2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

idk guy.... i think your full of it, it looks nothing like xmb.


so your saying it looks the same cause it moves right to left and left to right?????

in that case my accord drives forward, back , left, right. can i call it and sell it as a ferarri?

Active Reload2690d ago

Oh! Because it moves from left to right and up and down? Ok, I get it...I think...*smh*...I don't know...I'm dizzy :P

MaxXAttaxX2689d ago

Yes, the interface has become more similar to the XMB.

Admit that Microsoft likes the practicality it of the PS3's XMB and switched the symbols to words :P

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Paradicia2690d ago

It's based off the metro UI on windows 7 phones.

Shaka2K62690d ago Show
beast242tru2690d ago

windows phone 7 and xbox dashboard is rip off of the xmb

Dusdg2690d ago

What's really funny is that MS had the interface first with Windows media center.

Pedobear Rocks2690d ago

I haven't the cloud storage limited to Gold members?

MattyF2690d ago

They didn't detail that much. Since you have to sign-in to your account online, it's possible.

Raven_Nomad2690d ago

Looks great. Voice commands with Kinect is going to be sick.

news4geeks2690d ago

you crack me up Raven xD

beast242tru2690d ago

disagrees punk xbox fans u know that is the xmb copy the easiest way to navigate and find stuff

Series_IIa2690d ago

Sony invented horizontal scrolling

bodybombs2690d ago

@beast man you must have it out for people who enjoy the xbox

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