Sony E3 2011 Press Conference Liveblog - VGChartz Network

Starts at 5pm PDT

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Spectator12691d ago

Please don't disappoint us, Sony :/

redDevil872691d ago

After how bad MS's conference was my faith in E3 has been shaken lol

morganfell2691d ago

Well you did put your faith in MS. As for a great many of us, there isn't any shaking unless you consider the humming vibration of the Sony express accelerating to lightspeed.

redDevil872691d ago

:@ morgan

I'm actually a PS3 fanboy lol. E3 just hasn't been what i thought it would be so far.

Duke_Silver2691d ago

c'mon sony this year you can "hit it out of the park"

PSWe602691d ago


Foxgod2691d ago

NGP, uncharted and the new stuff from guerrilla will be nice to watch.

Rainbird2691d ago

That's a good live blog. :-)