Microsoft Conference - Impressions

Everyeye: This article will be bitter. Put your soul in peace.
It will be a piece a bit 'hit, harshly. The report of a deep disappointment, built ad after ad applause of the audience, during what has been - paradoxically one of the densest Press Conference-rich material in recent years.
Be happy after the presentation of the Exclusive Line Up at Microsoft is really difficult. Of course, the enthusiasm remains for the final teaser, the quality of the few serious projects dedicated to us real gamers is solid. But the theater enthusiastic for a policy aimed at enhancing productivity across a device obviously incapable of satisfying the public that is Everyeye, was enough to velarci the heart of a stubborn sadness.

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Chaostar2691d ago

Did they like it or not? I don't understand any of that.

darthv722691d ago

MS went out and showed what they wanted to show. It may not have been the ground shaking show "gamers" were looking for but they still showed some impressive games with kinect support in mind.

No doubt this year, all eyes will be on nintendo. No offense to the sony faithful but we pretty much know about the ngp and the games like infamous 2 and UC3 and the sorts. They will have some new games and hopefully more move support.

Honestly, MS conference was very calm until the end. Halo 4 FTW!. Some people are downplaying it because of the increased kinect interaction they are using now in games from casual to core. Why complain if you aint got one and if you do....still, why complain. It's all good.

M-Easy2691d ago

Well M$'s partners liked it, that being Spike TV and GTTV, you know the stations it was broadcasted on.