Microsoft E3 Press Conference Recap

Microsoft held their E3 press conference earlier today, and Hooked Gamers was there to live blog it all and here's our recap!

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thebudgetgamer2691d ago

is it just me or is microsoft forgetting who these shows are aimed at?

rdgneoz32691d ago

It may be wrong, but anyone else want to punch the little kids on stage and tell them to show some that isn't for 10 year olds?

Rikan2691d ago

Meh, I wasn't impressed with Sony's either. Looks like Nintendo will make the biggest splash.

sickbird2691d ago

Rated R for Retarded (Vice City reference for the easily offended)

Rapture722691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

man E3 sure sucked this year, im sure Nintendo won with their new console...

Grodd2691d ago

Not a bad show. Was anyone else excited to hear about Bioshock for the Vita. Little Big Planet looked great also. Nice to see lots of exclusives.
I'd say Microsoft C
Sony B/B+.

Next up Nintendo...

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