Modern Warfare 3 Dual Scopes Revealed

"Although Infinity Ward Community Manager Robert Bowling has made mention of the addition of dual scopes in the past, we’ve yet to see any footage showing off the long-awaited feature for Modern Warfare 3 in action. Well, that has just changed."

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NJShadow2877d ago

Pretty cool addition. Definitely adds a bit more realism.

Tank_Commander_E62877d ago

well it's going to need a f**king sh*t ton more if it hopes to contend against the mighty BF3 this holiday season.

PoulCast2877d ago

The "Mighty" BF3 which presucessor sold 15million units less than the presuccessor of Black Ops? :)

Tank_Commander_E62877d ago

Well I think now that it's on two additional platforms this time around it might just do a little bit better. But do I think it will do better numbers than BlOps did... who knows, maybe.

CaptCalvin2877d ago

Wow is this kind of feature so major it needs to be "revealed?" This is the kinda stuff modders have been modding into their games years before...

maverick11912877d ago

meh tbh nothing im hearing or seeing in videos (yes i know its early to judge) but from the e3 video it all looked like mw2 but redone it brought nothing new when i see online i will make my decision i hope the online will be greatly improved

black ops improved the online so much with the customization alone

artdafoo2877d ago

That must be the upgrade in the tired 2005 game engine he's been hyping. Lol.

From his twitter:

" fourzerotwo Robert Bowling
@TheGhostSix Of course, the game is improved year after year. Look at the leap from COD2 to COD4 to MW2 to
Black Ops. Always building. 5 hours ago

LMAOF, Dude are you serious right now ?! The last major improvement in COD was from COD3 to COD4, from then on it's been nothing but a new coat of paint on the same old 2004 car.

PoulCast2877d ago

Why are you denying the success of CoD? MW & BO was the best selling FPS of all times and yet people find time to sit and mock it because their favorite FPS isn't as successfull? What a life you have....

MW2 was a major improvement in both Call of Duty and FPS in general. They made some stupid moves around their PC release and they had internal problems with their lead designers, so ofcourse the game was maintained as well as it should have been. They tried something new with IW.NET, it didn't work out as well as it should have, it was still the best selling FPS ever. To this day, there are as many people playing MW2 as there are people playing Black Ops, which are more than people playing CoD4. Obviously, the game has done something right, to earn this amount of copies sold and the amount of hours of playtime.

How can you say CoD4 was a leap? The game was unplayable for months, the release was more broken than Black Ops, but ofcourse you are too young to actually know that, as you just spit out whatever some "pro" told you.

Patethic really, but I guess that's how some people like to live, spitting on things they dislike, just for the sake of gaining their own favorite some breathing room.

jozzah2877d ago

He never denied it selling heaps. He just stated the truthful fact that cod is pretty much a rehash of the small old thing every time the new one comes out. COD 4 was the last good game in the series.

antz11042875d ago

LMAO, there definately have been changes noticable to people actually playing it who enjoy it over the past few installments. Saying its the same game since 2004 is just ignorant.

Beyond all the various types of matches available, most notable and important to me is the points system BLOPS introduced. The story and graphics in that installment were sh%t, but the points system was soooo much better than having to get 750 kills with a weapon to unlock a thermal scope.

Hopefully MW3 is a good culmination of all the positive aspects of each previous game.

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