Captain Anderson returns in Mass Effect 3

@XG247: Yep, original Mass Effect fans may just remember Captain Anderson, well, he’s back in Mass Effect 3.

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DaThreats2691d ago

I picked him as the council in my story

cochise3132691d ago

I picked him also, but in the second one he kinda didn't like the position.

zeal0us2690d ago

If Undena didn't screw me over to the council or act like a dick every time I talk to him then maybe he might of got pick.......who the hell am I'm kidding I would still chose Anderson.

Keith David voice just crazy

pain777pas2690d ago

Go to Gametrailers and see him and Shep in action. The game has upped the ante visually. Alot like RE2 with the scale and alot going on in the backgrounds.

Crystallis2690d ago

voiced by Keith David hopefully.

XGN_Alex2690d ago

Get in! Loved his character!

Pintheshadows2690d ago

He has already been in a screenshot ages ago. This isn't really news. He was wearing a cap though.

Si-Fly2690d ago

Do 360 owners get to shake his hand with Kinect?

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