World of Warcraft asks Europeans to please speaka da English

The lights have gone out and no-one is at home at World of Warcraft's European customer support site, right now. In a message posted to a WoW support forum, a "technical issue and subsequent loss of electricity" is blamed for the outage.

If you need in-game support, then Blizzard reps from other offices around the World of Warcraft are there to help, although there may be some delays. It's assumed that the customer support firefighters are based mostly in America, as Blizzard says it would "assist our international teams if players could submit their tickets in English".

That should be easy enough for you to manage - you got this far, non?

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Vojkan4874d ago

"new world order" has began. One country, one language, one currency, one....

Caxtus7504874d ago

what a stupid misleading article.

European Support down.

So in meantime American one will help answer questions.

Understandably many speak English in America and cannot speak many European Languages.

So whilst the EU support is being fixed - English responses would help.

Perfectly logical. You even read this #1??

Tarmgar4874d ago

I read the title, laughed, and left.

Twizlex4874d ago

That's obviously not true because you left this comment.