EDGE: Microsoft press conference report

An overwhelming amount of motion dominates Microsoft's E3, much of it going backwards

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WhiteLightning2716d ago

It was shit, people should stop defending them

"Oh Microsoft are just saving themselfs for E3"

Sorry but it hasn't happened, just get a PS3 so you can enjoy some great games this year

Jazz41082716d ago

I sure did not think sonys conferenc was anything to brag about either and with the invasion of people privacy happening on the ps3 the las few months I wouldn't say sony has much momentum going forward as really ms didn't impress me either but they at least brought something for everyone and most important a secre netwok that has proven itself to be unmatched and unparreled anywhere.

captain-obvious2716d ago

the xbox E3 was bad
they did show some nice things but they were Minor very Minor

and then again you got stupid moments like this

lol look at that foot ball guy