Tighten your glutes while saving the world

If it's been a while since you raised a good, honest sweat but really have no inclination to venture too far from your PS2, the Gamercize GZ Sport might be the answer.

Connect it to your PS2, stand on the two pedals and use an attached controller to play whatever game you want. Here's the catch - if you stop pumping away on the pedals, the controller stops working!

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Merovee4874d ago

This is a violation of the bill of rights! Pure cruel and inhumane punishment!

ruibing4874d ago

Hmm, that seems fine for PS2 games that have short missions and frequent save points, but what about long ones like Final Fantasy or MGS? And what if nature calls?

CptFrogSpawn4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )


the game just pauses from what i can work out. see this from site

"Stop exercising and a message is displayed indicating that the controller has been unplugged. Start exercising and you will be able to resume the game from where you left off."