Twisted Metal - brand new footage

Check out brand new footage of Sony's Twisted Metal.

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Prcko2873d ago

Can't w8 for this game!!!

MinusTheBear2873d ago

Jaffe totally started cussing on Live TV LOL.

eggbert2873d ago

I caught that too. He said the f word, then covered himself by saying "shit! I promised myself I wasn't going to swear"

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Son_Lee2873d ago

The E3 demo elevated this from "not interested" into "must-buy!" About damn TIME we get proper boss battles. Tired of all these games having 5-15 min boss fights. No. Bosses should be levels themselves.

Coming from the man who made the original God of War (and by far the best God of War), this shouldn't be surprising.

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The story is too old to be commented.