E3 2011: Still no release date for The Old Republic

EA and BioWare disappointed Star Wars fans by not announcing a release date for The Old Republic at E3. More than that though, they didn't show any new gameplay. FAIL!

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BakedGoods2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

I'm getting worried about this one. When the CGI looks ten-times better and more epic than in-game it starts looking suspicious. Not to mentioned there's no release date yet.

despair2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

also they didn't show a single piece of gameplay footage just CG we've seen before, at the EA conference I mean.

Deanways2743d ago

Zero gameplay. Though they did release some before the conference. Why they wouldn't include it in the press conference is beyond me.

Tony P2743d ago

Disappointed but not surprised at all tbh.

BeastlyRig2743d ago

Hopefully not hoilday 2012..

5119ent2743d ago

I really want it on a console....maybe thats just me

fluffydelusions2743d ago

Why? The graphics hardly look taxing. About the same as WoW from the looks of it.

Tony P2743d ago

There's more to porting a game than graphics.

5119ent2743d ago

I am just primarily a console gamer....Pc is fun in spurts

koehler832743d ago

If they're smart, the release date is not a second before it's ready.

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