TheParanoidGamer: Battlefield 3 multiplayer teased, beta date announced

TheParanoidGamer writes: "Battlefield 3, one of the biggest multiplayer games to come this year got a multiplayer teaser today at EA's E3 press conference. The trailer features the map Operation Metro, a map which takes place above and underground in Paris, France. Check out the trailer after the break."

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Ser2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

Sooo...what happened to this? (see picture)

I'm confused.

Shackdaddy8362879d ago

I think the "open beta" is just for the preorder people. Either that or there is a separate beta.

Hanif-8762879d ago

I really hope that the beta is open so that i'll get to play because MOH is garbage. whereas Battlefield Bad Company 2 is currently the best FPS in my book, Medal of Honor was a cross between BF:BC2 and MW2 which is bad because i hate every single Call of Duty game. I just recently played COD4 and the auto aim is just awful it literally obstructed my aiming locking on to enemies.

Trunkz Jr2879d ago

Ummm... So the people that got Medal of Honor... Are we getting to play it more early or something? wtf?