Battlefield 3 - over 6 minutes of amazing new footage

Check out brand new footage of Battlefield 3 from EA's conference.

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-Mezzo-4252d ago

Now thats what i'm talking about. I will play the SH*T out of this game.

iamnsuperman4252d ago

I am jealous of not having a gaming PC. At the moment I am not getting it because all I have seen in PC footage and I can't afford a good pc to produce graphics like that

Active Reload4252d ago

I wish I could get into these types of games, but I fall asleep.

waterboy4252d ago

i can get it on ps3 and i assure you it wont look much different so sad for you if you believe that the pc version will look that different unless on a pc monitor

InFAMOUS14252d ago


I am a PS3 fanboy. But I know for a fact that BF3 on PC will blow the console versions away.. Both visually and technically... It's sad that you think just a monitor will make a game like this shine...

iamnsuperman4252d ago

@waterboy I am a PS3 user and I agree with Infamous1. The reason for the good looking game is because it uses a really expensive hardware. The PS3 will look good but no where near as good and the fact we haven't seen anything for a console footage is very worrying. Hopefully they release some soon or i think another BFBC2 will happen (not a great looking game)

evrfighter4252d ago

Sony could win e3 by just looping this in their background

Tank_Commander_E64252d ago

:O *speechless*

I <3 DICE : )

jlar4252d ago

WOW, now dat is quality!! Can't wait 2 play this, even though I'm burned out on shooters :)

somerandomdude4252d ago

finally a game for those with high end graphics cards. This is what crysis 2 should have been (for pc users at least).

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360 man4252d ago

im tryin to think. wat would u need to run this?

i hope my amd 965 and ati 5850 would be enough for this

lil Titan4252d ago

i just have one problem...RELEASE IT NOW!!!

AEtherbane4252d ago

Mind blown.
did not want this to end.

saladthieves4252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

I came, I saw...
Edit: I saw, I came

Pl4sm44252d ago

whoever thinks this game is not gonna be epic ... must rethink his/her life's choices

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BeastlyRig4252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

Why is there Porn on here? I am reporting! :)

Edit: Haters are right pc is only for porn!

Look at it!

mrmancs4252d ago


Nes_Daze4252d ago

This and Skyrim= BIG GOTY contenders.

5119ent4252d ago

GOTY will be uncharted 3

metsgaming4252d ago

there are really like 8 GOTY quality games this year. They need to pick 3 instead of just one its impossible to just pick 1 GOTY this year.

Nes_Daze4252d ago

Well that's a good contender too.

yamzilla4252d ago

or mean tomb raider with a ballsack.....pass

uncharted is a decent series, but it had it's one moment in the sun. that moment is long gone, that game doesnt even look good anymore

have you seen the witcher 2, crysis 2 on a bad ass pc, metro2033 dx11????

uncharted is 3 year old news dude, your living in the past, BF3 on pc will make uncharted 3 look like a handheld title

5119ent4252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

im sticking with my pick...uncharted wasn't the best game because of graphics its a combo of things....but we all have our opinions

waterboy4252d ago

your really overrating games graphics and super underrating uncharted 3 you must mean those games may be competion for uncharted for npg

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