Microsoft Sings "You're The Controller" While Fails To Convince Everyone

SegmentNext - Microsoft focus on Kinect during their E3 2011 press conference leaves everyone questioning.

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Just_The_Truth2694d ago

The point is that from now on you must officially say "LIGHTSABER ON!!!" before dueling your friends duh.

J/k no the point is that that's one of the most wanted games for kinect and look how it's turned out broken. First the control mechanics speak for themselves but how come none of the enemy's are actually fighting back they didn't move and none of the shots registered. No matter what the games about or how gruesome it is if the enemies are just standing around waiting to get striked down it's causal. Same goes for Fable the journey poor little trolls didn't stand a chance.

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MasterCornholio2694d ago

It looks jerky. As much as i like starwars games this title looks terrible with kinect controls. They should just go back to making games like Jedi Academy, jeez those were some good times especially with the multiplayer. Always had fun force gripping my friends and dropping them off into the abyss good times indeed.

Kee2694d ago

Kinect star wars... Basically how fast you can swing your arm, really?

TBM2694d ago

they convinced me i made the right choice in not wasting my money on this piece of crap camera.

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Jrome2694d ago

Who say the lag in the kinect sports games? So bad.

Killzone3___2694d ago

kinect sucks... i dont see any game fit on it >.< ...

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The story is too old to be commented.