Mass Effect 3 box art revealed

EA has released the box art for Mass Effect 3.

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MariaHelFutura2695d ago

It`s ok......

Lets be real though, as long as it`s like ME1 w/ the combat system of ME2, they could give me the game in a Ziplock bag w/ ME3 written on it in marker.

2694d ago
gamingdroid2694d ago

What happened to the branding, "better with Kinect"?

XI_-Minty-_IX2694d ago

Meh, I'm not feeling this one. Just looks like the cover of every other dudebro shooter out there featuring the main character in an action-ish pose.

(Hopefully the game has more RPG elements and isn't the dudebro cover/corridor shooter it looks like, going by what was shown at the press conference :|)

Quagmire2694d ago

The first game was the best, in terms of story, gameplay, and the cover sure had a great design.

Rikan2694d ago

I hate how stone-faced Shepard is...I hope L.A noir's facial tech takes off for other companies...

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