E3 2011: Top 4 Non-Disappointments of Xbox 360 Conference

GameXplain Says: " Although we were a little disappointed with the Microsoft conference, it wasn’t all bad news. In fact, there were several exciting, if not totally unexpected, announcements. Here are our top 4 favorite moments of the Xbox conference.

1. New Halo Trilogy
Although it came at the end of the conference, it’s taking its rightful place at the front of our list. Although we’ve seen Halo spin-offs in the form of ODST and Reach, it’s been four years since a true Halo title. And not only that, but the original developer Bungie is no longer behind the series. With this in mind, when Microsoft announced a brand new trilogy, starting with Halo 4 next year, the crowd roared. Although we weren’t show much, it looks like Halo might be taking an even darker approach, with it looking just slightly reminiscent of the recent Dead Space 2. It’s just too bad we have a year and a half to wait."

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Dash Reindeer2689d ago

the halo remake looks really promising but did the original only have 7 maps?

Forbidden_Darkness2689d ago

Correction: Kinect Conference

Winkle922689d ago

Someone didn't watch the conference...

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Spitfire_Riggz2689d ago

Although the Halo announcements were great ones, they were nowhere near surprising

waterboy2689d ago

no killer instinct 3 announcement killed it for me

RedPawn2689d ago

Isn't the IP owned by Nintendo?

Also didn't they say an old classic fighting game franchise is returning?

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