Insomniac Games' Overstrike - More details + first screen has posted up today a large batch of information on Overstrike, which is the latest Project from Insomniac Games.


There is also the first Trailer

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BakedGoods2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Wow, it looks---japanese.

EDIT: Characters definitely seem to have a slight anime-style to them.

NateCole2875d ago

Yeah it does. Sounds like a fun game.

TheBossMan2875d ago

I'd say it looks to be inspired by Pixar. The Incredibles definitely bleeds through in the trailer, especially the lead character and the black-bubble gun thing.

claterz2875d ago

Reminds me more of Time Splitters than the incredibles lol. Anyway looks like it will be a great game

VampiricDragon2875d ago

that looks japanese??????

its the farthest thing from

Sunhammer2875d ago

The characters look generic as balls but I'm sure it'll be a fun game. So far, it's nothing that looks like a worthy match-up to Resistance or Ratchet.

TheBossMan2875d ago

Guy on the far right should be named "Token Biracial."

lochdoun2875d ago

Looks very Insomniac-ish, which is a great thing!
1st or 3rd person?

golsilva2875d ago

they didnt say but most likely third person

golsilva2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

i only got the vid to go up to 37 seconds. weird. but the animations looks like insominiac works with the cartoony feel. i think this game is going to be in the middle of ratchet's over top goofy and cartoony action and resistance serious nature. did they give a release date on the game yet?
edit heres another link for those cant get this video loading

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The story is too old to be commented.