E3: SSX coming January 2012, reinvents franchise

BeefJack writes: "EA’s press briefing at E3 has revealed that the new SSX will hit in Januray 2012, claiming that they will “reinvent” the franchise by using scientific data from NASA to allow players to drop into any mountain range on the planet."

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Son_Lee2743d ago

The more I hear about this game, the more I want it!!

Mikelarry2743d ago

this one is a day one buy for sure. as much as i love blowing ish up i felt my game collection was incompete as i didnt have a true over the top snowboarding game. ( i dare anyone to mention that utter ish that was shawn white)

Sarobi2743d ago

I'm glad that SSX is remaining the way it was, this will be a day one pick up for me