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Godmars2902744d ago

Can only hope gameplay comes close to the trailer.

darthv722744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

on the 360???

edit: ok let me clarify. I always thought insomniac could do some justice to the 360 like they do to the ps3 but because of their partnership with sony didnt think that would happen.

I knew they were "independent" but they had stated that if they were to make something (i thought) sony had first dibs to pass. So, I guess the same with bungie and Activision. If you pair up with a major 3rd party company then you can pretty much expect your game to be a multi.

Insomniac has done great stuff with the ps3 and even though it is a multi plat game, could do the 360 some good.

bodybombs2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

i know, crazy right, game developers trying to expand their horizons. super weird

redDevil872744d ago

It was announced they'd be on the 360 last year.

ASSASSYN 36o2744d ago

Yeah how dare they try to make money elsewhere. Who do they think they are. S/c

captain-obvious2744d ago

i dont know but it reminds me with Team Fortress
and thats not a bad thing
at all

5119ent2744d ago

its a proven fact exclusives are better then multiplatform games can u blame anyone not like that

NateCole2744d ago


Yeah that was my first impression as well.

Peppino72744d ago

Game seems meh though. Has nothing to do with multi plat.

Why o why2743d ago

old news dude

good luck to them....ill still be supporting their games regardless

WhittO2743d ago

Looks great, has potential to be alot of fun.

I don't understand these people hating on Insomniac for going multi plat.

I buy their games because (most of them) are great and fun to play, not because they were exclusive to Sony. I want them as a company to do better and expand, so I get bigger and better games developed by them.

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Neckbear2744d ago

Reminds me of The Incredibles but with 200% more guns, at least the trailer

Yeah, here's hoping the gameplay is good, albeit I'm not a shooter guy.

kneon2744d ago

It does have a similar art style, and I rather like it. But we need to see some game play, not just a cut scene trailer. And I hope the humor of the trailer carries into the game.

SilentNegotiator2744d ago

LOL, even that thing that shoots metallic expanding balls that trap you in place, like the one used to trap Mr. Incredible.

blusoops2744d ago

Awesome trailer none the less. Cool characters and style and a nice premise. Can't wait for some gameplay!

-from a ps3 player-

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iHEARTboobs2743d ago

Yeah, that looked pretty sick. I'm excited.

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Will-UK2744d ago

Looks interesting but would of been nice to see gameplay footage

SilentNegotiator2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Same. I need to see some gameplay.

Shaka2K62743d ago Show
redDevil872744d ago

I honestly don't see the point in releasing trailers this long withought gameplay footage.

HardCover2744d ago

To set the tone and introduce you to the characters and style the game will have.

It's a first taste, not an information blowout.

slyrunner2744d ago

Haha, thats pretty cool

HellzAssassin2744d ago

Looks pretty interesting!
Insomniac... that's all I need to know. :D

Tru_Ray2744d ago

I will buy this game.

TBH, I couldn't care less which platform it comes out on as long as I am able to play it on my PS3.

Gamers FTW!!!

Haters FTL!!!

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