E3 2011: Microsoft Press Conference: Not As Bad As You Thought

Microsoft‘s press conference ended with fans feeling everywhere between bummed and excited. For those who feel a bit let down, there’s still quite a bit of good coming out of the conference.

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banditgoon2717d ago

well that is fantastic!! because I thought that it really, really sucked. turns out it just kinda sucked.

ABizzel12717d ago

I was disappointed as well. The flow of the show was perfect, it's just the content was underwhelming. There was nothing really there that we didn't already know about besides the casual Kinect games, and Halo 4 trailer. There E3 conference was all about how I can get everyone core and casual to buy Kinect.

That being said some of the Kinect games/features did look cool. Ghost Recon gun asyembly, Mass Effect speech commands, Ryse aka Project Kingdom, Forza 4, and even some of the casual stuff. But none of them were enough to make me want to buy Kinect.

I give them a C, and that's being generous.

marinelife92716d ago

I just don't know what to think of Microsoft anymore.

the_best_player2716d ago

I guess it's true 360 has no games.

despair2717d ago

so other than Halo 4, nothing new announced that wasn't kinect or multiplatform, a relatively tame demo of Gears 3, no real Forza 4 gameplay and some social features that are usually forgotten in a very short time. How exactly was it "not that bad"?

This is supposed to be the key event for MS and this is what they have to offer lol.

TheColbertinator2717d ago

All these wussy game journalists dont speak the truth because they might get kicked out of E3.Its such nonsense.

Skyliner122716d ago

I didn't attend E3, I likely watched the same stream as you. I simply tried to cover something objectively instead of shitting all over it.

Maybe I should be a less "wussy game journalist" and just agree with everyone else's point of view?

DJMarty2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Ya kidding right, you watch the same one I did.

with all that Kinect

Ghost Recon 'PEW PEW PEW' give me a break

THC CELL2716d ago

they are out of ideas man, and the ms press boring as hell i turned off.

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