First screenshots of Need For Speed: The Run

EA has released the first screenshots of Need For Speed: The Run, revealing the game's new out-of-car sequences and showing Frostbite 2 in action.

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jahcure2692d ago

looks fun..
this is what gaming is about!

was ths lead on PS3? Noticed the triangle

I_find_it_funny2692d ago

NfS Underground meets Heavy Rain

norman292692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Yeah was shown on PS3, i saw X's onscreen, when he mentioned you can get out of the car and run around i was like cooool then when i saw it was all scripted and you just hit buttons i went for a crap

TurboGamer2692d ago

lead might be pc(Frostbite 2), its just easier to show a game on a console at a event. can't wait for DX11 screenshots of this game. hopefully not a crap port like shift 2.

Neckbear2692d ago

I just saw the trailer.

Jesus christ, this is the embodiment of everything that's wrong with current videogames.


user8586212692d ago

they should delay this game to 2012, and try avoiding releasing 2 need for speed games a year ¬_¬

creeping judas2692d ago

Need for milk is correct, as they just killed the cow they were milking!!

norman292692d ago

And started milking another

nihonlight2692d ago

The way he is jumping off buildings,
They should call it Need for "on speed"

Ambivalent_2692d ago

Loving that old Porsche. Classic NFS spirit.

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