Bioware: Mass Effect 3 to be the "Best in the Series"

Bioware has high beliefs in their upcoming entry of the Mass Effect trilogy.

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Tony P2874d ago

Show us the features, and we'll decide that for ourselves.

WhiteLightning2874d ago

I'm a little disappointed they arn't letting us have a choice about what type of ammo system we want. I liked the first Mass Effects charging ammo system, although the weapons were weak it made you relie on your team mates, not going in guns blazing and using your biotics.

I honestly think people who play as Soldiers get better use out of the thermal clips.

Why not give us a choice, that's what the game is about.......choices you make.

SteelyPhil2874d ago

I'm sure it will be fun, but I'm dissapointed they didn't show any rpg elements. It felt more like gears of war.

zeal0us2874d ago

what rpg elements most of them died with ME1, sorry dude I know how you feel.

SageHonor2874d ago

Yeah.. we're gonna see some serious rpg elements in a 5 minute demo.. Bioware said lots of times this will at least have more rpg elements than ME1...

Gamingisfornerds2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

We have a saying in Holland that goes like:

"Wij van WC eend adviseren WC eend"

That pretty much sums up the title of this thread.

NoNeedForAName2874d ago

The developer of the game is saying it's gonna be a good game. Totally worth it's own article.

Kos-Mos2874d ago

They could have said: "We can`t top the last installment" and we intelligent people might have read the article and/or shown respect to bioware.

wallis2874d ago

Yeah, what else are the devs of the game going to say?

"yeah we can't really be bothered to top our last effort so this is a sort of a half arsed attempt. Don't expect much."

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The story is too old to be commented.