OXCGN's E3 2011 Microsoft Conference Wrap-up: Little Innovation With Massive Reiteration


"The very first press conference within E3 week was led, as usual, by Microsoft.

"Microsoft promised a big year and had an overall solid conference.

OXCGN gives you a wrap-up."

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Misterhbk2692d ago

LOL Prcko

Kon2692d ago

I don't know but i actually feel sad for the actors in the stage.

VampiricDragon2692d ago

C is kind

When nintendo and sony get A's or A-

peopel will be embarrassed

justGAMES2692d ago

This is a sad day for gamers :(

StbI9902692d ago

U mean a sad day for XBOX gamer lololol...

live2play2692d ago

xbox gamers you mean because everyone else is having a blast at their expense xD

live2play2692d ago

well we will APPRECIATE ms's conference today
more ammo for fanboy wars and top 10 lists of most embarrassing e3 moments, 5 of which came from ms's conference

Daz2692d ago

I liked it :P But hey everyone has opinion ;p

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