Video games do no harm to children, insists Sims creator

One of the video games industry's most respected figures has called for an end to the debate over whether the games are harmful to children. Will Wright, the man behind the world's bestselling computer game, The Sims, said he believes that fears over the negative influence of video games are merely symptoms of a generation gap.

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TheXgamerLive4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

However, a game like "Bully' could cause argument against that statement.

I however feel that it's a family's job to instil some sensibility in there child so that they know that a video game is just like a cartOOn, make believe. Some parents use video games as an inexpensive baby sitter for there little ones and that can be a negative in many ways.

It's when parents or lack of parents don't play a "role" in there kids life, that's when a kids can't decide what's real and what's fake.

For example, Is Paris Hilton a real celebrity of a fake one?:) Ha Ha!!