Microsoft’s E3 Conference Aftermath

GOS writes, "Okay, so now that Microsoft’s Conference is over, we can put that…thing aside. I can honestly say it was like an M. Night Shyamalan movie. It’s hyped up and it’s cool at first then it just goes downhill and you can’t wait for it to end..."

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LiamIRL822877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

When they announced Halo 4 as a trilogy it was clear that MS are out of ideas & focusing on Kinect. It won't be hard for Sony & Nintendo to beat MS e3. Being a 360 exclusive player myself for over 5 years now i'm seriously considering a PS3 purchase.

dangert2877d ago

I sat down
I laughed from start to end
I thanked god I invested elsewhere

firefoxprime2877d ago

Umm...okay. Why are 97% of the speakers all wearing Grey/blue. Fashion, I could care less...but they all look, well...the same.

Anyone else noticed? The Microsoft CEO dude wore the exact same outfit from last year....and don't even get me started on the indoor shades dude.

trounbyfire2877d ago

i thought i was the only one laughing out loud , i feel sad for microsoft but kinect will make them money

Rainstorm812877d ago

Thier entire conference was the same setup from last year this time with more Kinect

Lifendz2877d ago

It was really disappointing. MS appears to have all its eggs in the Kinect basket and if you're not into Kinect you gotta wonder what you're going to have in terms of exclusives. Timed-Execlusive DLC for MW3? Meh. Gears was cool but I was really hoping for a new exclusive non-Kinect IP. I dunno...might not be a reason to renew my XBL subscription the way things are looking.

WhittO2877d ago

MS always show multi-plats as though they are exclusive, even when advertising them.

Say what you want about Sony, PS3 gets 95% of all of those games (and eventually content) plus a whole load of A+ exclusives EACH YEAR. Not 1 good exclusive once every 2 years..

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Pixel_Enemy2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

I own all three consoles and I don't own a kinect so MS let me down big time.

teedogg802877d ago

I agree with you on that. I own both systems and Sony's where it's at!

C L O U D2877d ago

I own both as well...all I look forward to is Halo

C L O U D2877d ago

Lol I meant from the Microsoft Conference...still can't wait for Sony!

2877d ago
Rynx2877d ago

Remember all those articles jumping to ridiculous speculations about Steam support and maybe an exclusive deal with Batman Arkhum City jst because they saw it on the ticket stub or whatever that was?.... Yeah I remember too... yeah....

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les_snc912877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

I wonder if Microsoft realizes how cheesy their actors are for the Kinect demo presentation? Those Kinect Disneyland kids sounded so fake...

The Great Melon2877d ago

I was restraining myself as much as possible to keep myself from bursting out laughing at some of those comments.

live2play2877d ago

it will be interesting to see how long it takes for the xbox fanboys to come out of hiding out of shame

mrv3212877d ago

Remember last year when you had people say

'Microsoft needs 2 shows because they have so much content'

So people kinda aren't around this time... which is dissapointing.

live2play2877d ago

ACTUALLY they did need 2 shows because im pretty sure they had WAY more kinect garbage to shove down peoples throats

outlawlife2877d ago

I'm a big xbox fan and the showing was pretty weak

way way too much kinect, MS needs to realize that kinect has a wii like audience and people aren't going to buy games for kinect functionality

extremely disappointed in the fact that RYSE ended up being a kinect title...very weak, that game looks like it could have been really awsome

HelghastDrake2877d ago

wow this conference was awful, just as bad as nintendo a few years back

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