Top 10 PS2 Games

For those who think the high-def PS3 and Xbox 360 rule this these days, think again: another 10 million PS2s will sell in the next five months alone. So, out of all the games launched, which ones have been the biggest sellers?

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TheMART5633d ago

Its sad that one of the best games, God of War 2, isn't still in that list.

With 100 mln. PS2's out there, how is it possible that this game still hasn't sold more then 3.7 mln. copies? Really. I don't understand that. Do PS2 owners even buy games at all anymore at this point in the life cycle???

If you compare that to Gears of War on the 360, with a userbase of now about 13.5 mln. users, that has the game sold over 5 mln. copies by now, and a game like God of War 2 would have sold the same with ease. Because it's a good game.

kingjk5633d ago

y are u always looking for playstation news?

sak5005633d ago

Couple of facts Mart:

1. 100mil include millions who have repurchased ps2 cuz the earlier one died. I myself had 2 cuz one conked out.

2. All games are now being pirated and 90% of ps2s are modded and can play backup/pirated games costing $1.

3. Atleast in asia region 95% do not buy original games and pirated games/movies are easily available. That's why ps2 is still selling huge in these markets.

Bathyj5633d ago

Thats an interesting point Mart, and at the same time I cant help but think, if you dont have anything nice to say why dont you just shut the fuk up you nasty troll.

You're right GoW2 should have sold more buy now but the reason it hasn't is anyone looking to PS2 for their gaming needs at this point in its life cycle has 100's of games to choose from. Theres no shortage of great software in every genre. And GoW2 is fairly hardcore, and Hardcore gamers are usually the first to move to the next gen. I would guess alot of people still playing only PS2 are into Buzz and Singstar and those types of games. I haven't looked at the charts to know if thats true, its just my guess.

The reason Gears sold so many so quickly is the same reason the original Halo did. They were both great games and had no competition from other titles. Xbox didnt have many great games for a while and neither did X360, at least not the quality of those games. It stands to reason standout titles do well with no competition.

Antiomo5633d ago

1) not everyone plays god of war and there are so many more GOOD games on the ps2 that xbox can dream of.
2) Im quite sure a 5th of the ps2 sales are repurchases because of malfunction over the years of the repurchase of the slim ps2.
3) truth is there are not that many super games on teh xbox that are EXCLUSIVE.... you have halo and then you have gears..... what else is there.
4) too many ways to pirate ps2 nowadays.

AllroundGamer5633d ago

the same goes for the Xbox360, only with over 30% failure rate, and have you ever heard of flashed xbox drives? i like mine ixtreme firmware very much :p

barom5632d ago (Edited 5632d ago )

Oh eazy. Xbox 360 had absolutely no games until Gears of war. So basically they did what every X360 fanboy claims PS3 owners are doing. Just letting it collect dust.

Then Gears of War came and X360 finally had a game worth buying.

did I mention gears of war sold 3 millions and not 5 million

HarryEtTubMan5632d ago

Gears has only sold 3 million... haha always trying to stretch the truth and make things seem better than they are... And resistance has almost sold 3 million LOL Resistance is the better game anyways... ask GAMEINFORMER.

Bits-N-Kibbles5632d ago

How the f*ck did this turn into a convo about 360? i mean wtf.... yeah GOW2 (PS2) is good but wtf does that have to do with the 360? Get the sh*t out of here... Keep the forums related please

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rowdy 15633d ago

wow. PS2 has set the bar.

cloud360-7th_account5633d ago

List us fuc*ed. FFX sold 6.6 mil. check wiki and vg chartz says it sold 7.95

blacsheep5633d ago

the amazing thing about that news? most of them if not all of them apart from1 are sony exclusive and there all comming to ps3 next year as exclusives! and thats not including killzone or the getaway or god of war!.

masterg5632d ago

I noticed the same thing.
So many system Sellers.

Will be interesting to see how many GTA4 are sold on each.

Rock Bottom5633d ago

"I was quite surprised at this list, I guess I never would have placed the Gran Turismo titles that high up. Still, those are the facts.-Martin Lynch"

He's an idiot for saying that

MK_Red5633d ago

Wow, Didn't know Vice City had sold that much. The shamefull thing is the lack of God of War and DMC in the list.

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