Halo Anniversary to be "bargain priced" upon release

Halo Anniversary will release at a bargain price once the title is released. Although the price point is unknown at this time, the game will NOT retail for $59.99.

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Paradicia2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

It'll retail for 39.99 with 4 player co-op and 7 MP maps.

Bargain is right.

2690d ago
banditgoon2690d ago

didnt they also say that ODST was gonna be "budget" priced, that did not happen and I do not see this happening

Tony P2690d ago

Yep. So it's their own fault that I don't completely believe them right now.

I also wonder how the extra maps will be handled and if there will be a charge for them.

Star512690d ago

Fairly priced i guess. Although other companies are releasing HD editions at the same price with more than one game included( God of War, Sly Cooper, Ico and Shadow)at the same price. But yeah, bargain...i can see that.

darthv722690d ago

it would have been cool if it was both halo 1 & 2 but it is what it is and I know I'm going to buy it.

Tsar4ever012690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

$39.99, My chocolate ASS!!! This game was really great! But this game is 10 fucking years old!! Just because it's being updated/or stretched/scaled or what have you to run on a 1080p screen signal, and being giving a few extras, They wanna charge gamers $40+!!!???

They better change that price to $29.99!! Or MS can kiss my ass! And I'll wait a few months and get it from amazon's used section!!!