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qface642877d ago

ugh i hate it when they play music like this on certain trailers its so unfitting

Godmars2902877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

What happened to the option of Shepard dying in ME2?

But there's suppose to be an option of Shepard dying and having to finish things with a new character. What's the point of promoting "your choices have consequences" if you can't play that one out?

LightSamus2877d ago

Shepard surviving is canon. Seeing as if Shepard died, there would be no Mass Effect 3 in the first place.

qface642877d ago

don't you know that whole controlling the story thing is BS because i would have never killed all those batterians

Croash2877d ago

Uhh..."Trilogy over. Thanks for playing. You should get a new ending." ?

Kon2877d ago

If you die, there is no ME3. You have to start a new game.

Croash2877d ago

"What's the point of promoting "your choices have consequences" if you can't play that one out?"

Okay, I'll give you ONE good reason.

Voice acting.

How do you expect the team to fully record everything if they have to think about that possibility.
I guess it's already hard enough to have everyone record their lines twice whenever a "her/his" is used. So just imagine if, each time a "Shepard" is pronounced, you would have to replace it.


Charmers2877d ago

If you some how managed to let your Shepard die in ME 2 there is a consequence, you don't get to import that Shepard into ME 3 and presumably the Reapers win.

It has been started right back from the time when it was known that Shepard could die that if you let him die that is it GAME OVER.

iMaim2877d ago

Shepherd dying is not canon. You had to really, REALLY try to get Shepherd to die.

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002877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

that music doesn't sound like mass effect, I hope its not a sample of Clint Marshall work.

outwar60102877d ago

if i wanted to get the dlc for the pc versions how do i get them? is there any version with them preloaded on a disc???

LarVanian2877d ago

I'm not Commander Shepard, but this is my favourite E3 trailer so far.

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The story is too old to be commented.