RipTen Live Blog of the E3 2011 EA Keynote

RipTen: Welcome to the RipTen Live Blog of the E3 2011 EA Keynote. The show is scheduled to begin at 12:30pm PST on June 6th.

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greeneggsnsam2692d ago

I wonder if they will show more Mass Effect 3 or if that was all for the MS conference. I hope they show some stuff that isn't to do with Kinect.

qface642692d ago

if neither ubisoft or EA show anything worthwhile then so far this E3 is a serious DUD

greeneggsnsam2692d ago

hey, it's only been one conference. I think Sony will have something big to compensate for the PSN problems recently.

Invadersims2692d ago

I'm excited to see what EA has in store.

Nostradavis2692d ago

Here's to hoping EA shows a new IP to combat Modern Warfare 3.

Sandwich Bender2692d ago

I can't wait to see what sort of Kinect-enabled sports games they have!

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