Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary: First Official Screens

Micrsoft has shared the first official screens of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

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Hagaf222693d ago

Looks like a play from the Sony playbook- remake a huge game and sell it has hd remake. Worked for Sony with god of war and the sly series, and soon to be MGS.

LOGICWINS2693d ago

Yeah, but the difference here is that the Xbox didn't have a wide variety of exclusive games..the PS2 however did.

Other than Halo, I can't think of any exclusive Xbox games I'd want remastered.

Jocosta2693d ago

I can think of alot, but they won't do it.

Reibooi2693d ago

To be honest the only other Xbox only game I would REALLY want remastered would be Panzer Dragoon Orta. Everything else I could take it or leave nothing I would really need to have.

darthv722693d ago

remastered as well. Otherwise it will feel left out of the loop. Personally, it was my favorite version. I really dig the cliff hanger ending. Like empire strikes back.

slate912693d ago

I feel it's more than just a remastered version, they also have Multiplayer added which just made it a day one buy for me

Shazz2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

they should get lionhead studios to try remake the 1st fable aswell

yamzilla2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

or just get it on pc, it's been HD there since the day it was released, has multiplayer with a shit-ton of free maps and runs at 120 frames per second on a shitty integrated laptop chip

AND runs at 500 frames per second on a $20 Nvidia220

ohhh and the game only costs $10

and it won't even be true 1080p hd on the xbox, expect 720p at best with 30 frames per second, plus there are 100's of free maps on the pc version

and people don't think we need new consoles, a $20 gpu shits on the ps3 and

news4geeks2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

I commented yesterday saying just play the PC version but I take that back. It looks really good and will likely have a great competitive online multiplayer.

@yamzilla - the graphics looked improved over the PC version.

MasterCornholio2693d ago

Ah hah i knew it was a halo remake. Looks pretty good is it based off reaches engine?

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