E3 2011: Microsoft angles for toddlers

Los Angeles: Kids and games. When Tim Schafer of Double Fine stepped on stage to demo his Sesame Street-branded Kinect game, he explained how his 3-year-old daughter was in his mind when he developed the idea.

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wingman32x2689d ago

Can't help but feel this is a waste of his talent. How the hell do you go from Psychonauts to this?

zeal0us2689d ago

Being screwed over by Bobby Kotick, must of did more damage than we thought.

Burning_Finger2689d ago

Microsoft officially gone insane with kinect.

hetz152689d ago

what the heck is this???

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SpLinT2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

its funny because microsoft thinks Nintendo sells a lot because of its kiddy games. It sells a lot because its Nintendo and its a friendlier known name with Mario and parental controls with a 150 price.
unlike XBOX 360 > BLACK box with sphere with (X) , with a 50 buck subscription

cervantes992688d ago

I have no problem with variety...but taking time at E3 to show this to a hardcore crowd???

Maybe Microsoft will offer a Big Bird skin for Gears of War with a preorder!

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