GMRFM delivers a verdict on Microsofts E3 outing.

GMRFM takes a look at Microsofts showing at E3 and whether the American giant has done enough to impress at the show.

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Delicious Malicious2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Microsoft put soft in hardcore last year with vary little change this year. But from an investment stand point this was a smart decision they know hardcore gamers will research and find out about core games. kinect titles and casual gamers are different and in this they need more catering to which sucks for core gamers. oh well Xbox now has MGS HD collection, The witcher 2, and Insomniac's new IP.

Valvatorez2878d ago

Here is my verdict-I feel like I woke up on Christmas morning and got my head bashed in by santa clause with a baseball bat!
Although that would have been less painful.The 1 or 2 good things MS showed were drowned out by the junk.

darthv722878d ago

they showed some games that you can use kinect with. Both core and casual. They showed some updates to extending the usefulness of the 360 regarding media interaction.

All in all they did what they set out to do.

Verdict is...guilty on the part of the people for expecting all the hype and rumors to get to them.

Lacoste232878d ago

Seems Microsoft is trying to imitate Nintendo’s success with the Wii buy pushing the Kinect as much as possible…
I think Sony’s press conference will be lacking as well, maybe just a whole lot of apologizing for being hacked…With rumors surrounding a new console coming from Nintendo it sounds like they will steal this years E3 again…it’s sad that Sony(Move) and Microsoft(Kinect) are trying to duplicate Nintendo’s success with the Wii, but Nintendo is ready to move on and do something new(Project Cafe) I guess Nintendo is a leading the way and everyone else is just trying to play catch-up when it comes to innovation and paving the way.