Orange Box 360 update released! (Again!)

"The second Orange Box 360 update has been released by Valve! This time, the focus is primarily on Team Fortress 2. What, exactly, have they changed?

- Reduced network bandwidth usage in multiplayer.
- Improved overall game performance.
- Arranged search results to favor preferred host conditions.
- Improved searching for ranked games.
- Addressed a possible false report of too little storage space on larger hard drives". - Gamernode

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TheMART4873d ago

ANd it needs this patch! Damn, Team Fortress 2 had some strange errors, although its one of the real great and fun games to play I put it down untill a patch would be here.

Hope everything is fixed with this patch, because it is so worth playing!

Dpa4873d ago

For once i agree with something the mart said.
I might finally get to complete a game of TF2 with this patch.

TheXgamerLive4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

Definately a must buy, must have title.

There's just soooooooooo much content here.

lawman11084873d ago

post it to what you want to show us not just a whole forum

AngryHippo4873d ago my opinion, its just fantastic. I'm nearly finished on Episode Two i think and what a story, its awesome, the striders and hunters are crazy. I love it.

I am glad they are fixing TF2, that game is so much fun, i love the comments that all the characters make, makes me laugh everytime.

The orange box has been without doubt the best purchase i have ever made on my 360. FANTASTIC. Props to Valve.

zonetrooper54873d ago

I got the Orange Box on my PC instead of my 360 and its awesome, I completed HL2:EP2 yesteday and I'm playing so much CSS and TF2. =D

All on high settings as well. =D

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The story is too old to be commented.