New Halo Trilogy to Feature Master Chief

Get ready to return to ring world of Halo, and this time it will be wth Master Chief. Despite being leaked only a few hours before its official announcement, a new Halo Trilogy has just been announced and yes, Master Chief is making a return.


Corrected first sentence:

Get ready to return to the ring world of Halo, and this time it will be with Master Chief.

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pungello19882694d ago

I've never been so excited in my entire life. This looks like it'll be fantastic

BakedGoods2694d ago

I can't wait. Halo was a big part of my post-Final Fantasy gaming years. Halo Remastered can't disappoint.

Menech2694d ago

And if they announced another 3 Uncharted games featuring Nathan Drake you would be crying like a baby on Christmas run along little piggy.

egidem2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Microsoft just shot themselves in the foot...AGAIN!!! Gears of War 3 was fantastic, MW3 was meh... and I wasn't surprised with the Halo 4 was bound to come out soon or later, but I've always loved the Halo series and welcome this.

And then they go ahead and fill half of the conference with Kinect SHIT. Cookie monster?? Disney Land?? Seriously??? I think that they just made it very clear for the hardcore gamers.

Therealspy032694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

exactly. such a double standard because it's a 360 exclusive. Sony can do NO wrong.

@egidem: how did they shoot themselves in the foot? sure it wasn't amazing, but there was a ton of content there, and a lot of it was interesting. sure the kid stuff was lame, but they want to appeal to a broad audience.

@gta2800: that was lame, even by n4g troll standards.

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MintBerryCrunch2694d ago

just heard they are using the same engine for the NEW trilogy

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pungello19882694d ago

I'm not so don't waste your time.

El-Fenemeno12132694d ago

we honestly didn't see much o.o

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TardcoreGamer2694d ago

Why is this exciting? How will the 360 even do Halo 4 any justice? I wish they could have held off til next gen. It's just gonna be more of the same cartoon graphics but with twice the amount of slow-down.

Maybe Master Chief will actually have some words this time.

It didn't surprise me to see them milk the hell out of this thing. Oh a trilogy you say? 3x$60 +3,$10 map packs each -Bungie...hmmmm

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Cwalk8162694d ago

I thought Halo 3 finished the fight?

a_bro2694d ago

LMAO, i thought so too HAHAHAHAHAHHA thank you for bringing it up. there was actually a youtube video based on that assumption back in 2007/2008, shocked that it was soo true.

Ascalon942694d ago

the fight against the covenant is over..... this is something completely different

omi25p2694d ago

finished the fight with the covernant i think

Burning_Finger2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Milk the fight..XD

lol @ waseem335

Have you forgotten Halo Wars, Halo Reach...Now they are planning 4,5,6..WTF.

user8586212694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

and god of war, jack daxter, ratcher clank has how many games?.... hell Ill bring up metal gear solid but lets just leave it at them atm :)

r2kcipher2694d ago

there is one or two halo games a year..... can the same be said for the ones you just mentioned? (besides mgs)

5119ent2694d ago

Halo 4
You thought you were finished with the fight

Therealspy032694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

it did "finish the fight." that story is complete. doesn't mean you can't still have the same protagonist in the same universe with a new story. quit trolling (oh wait, what else would you do with your time if not troll 360 articles - you hate it, but can't stop talking about it).

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GetoverHere1222694d ago

I can't believe another 3 games! whooo

darthv722694d ago

with a good story you could continue making new chapters until you just get tired and dont want to anymore.

Star wars is a good example as even though the movies ended with episode 6, the story continued. It split off and went in a few different directions but all tied back to the original idea/vision lucas had in mind years ago.

Halo would be no different. We know what happened to reach and the other games. How did the covenant come to be in such an aggression against the humans? What of the planet MC was left floating in orbit above?

As long as there is material....there can be more games based off that material. Unlike Mario, that damn princess just needs to get her $>*& together and assert herself with Bowser.

tomragan2694d ago

Plenty of Halo for everyone!

honestpizza2694d ago

This is the reason I will pull my xbox 360 out of the closet

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