PlayStation Brings SingStar and Buzz to New Orleans Kids

A few of sony employees just got to New Orleans for Voodoo Music Experience. They have sponsored the event for the past 8 years because, as a company, they believe that music and art are a very important part of life.

They spent Thursday morning at the New Orleans Children's Hospital outfitting the kids with PlayStation gear and having some good old fun playing SingStar and Buzz. Jennifer Clark learned today that Destiny's Child's, "Survivor," is one popular SingStar tune.

Abigail from our Corporate Communications team organized the day and was on hand to present the hospital with a check from SCEA for $25,000. SCEA also donated PS2 systems and games to help make their stay a little easier and happier. New Orleans' very own Derrick Tabb from the Rebirth Brass Band, Trombone Shorty and the Lieutenant Governor Mitch Landrieu also popped in to play with the kids.

Thanks to the staff at the hospital for a great experience. Please keep these kids in your thoughts; they are truly some of the most amazing PlayStation fans that Clark have ever met.

The sony team will be in New Orleans all weekend - so if you want to get hands-on with some new and upcoming PlayStation games, stop by the PlayStation Experience Truck at City Park. Stay tuned for more Voodoo highlights!

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Zhuk4873d ago

poor kids having to play those games, you'd think they could give them something better

wolfehound224873d ago

After reading the story I was going to post and say I wonder how long it will take for fanboys to come in here and try and make a negative comment about this. And go figure I didn't even get a chance to post before there was a fanboy here. What did your radar go off positive sony news must comment negatively can't resist must make them look bad feel so much better about myself. You fanboys really are pathetic. Sonys doing something positve for the community and you just can't resist pathetic. Hope making this comment makes your mom proud of you because that is the only one that care about you.

ruibing4873d ago

Yes, as opposed to systems that might be refurbs or those that might strain them physically, I think you missing the point that they donated all this to a single hospital for children.

Until MS or Nintendo do something similar for the kids, why don't you at least applaud the effort. This is like the story of the man trapped in a well and when a guy finally came to help him, the trapped man punches him and sues him for not coming sooner.

Athlon4873d ago

Wow. That is so unreal. I took my pediatric shelf exam in that same room at Children's Hospital last year at the end of my pediatric rotation. Sony has been doing this for a while now and have always been a big part of Voodoo Fest. I would have gone this weekend, but I have to continue study for medical board exam in a couple of weeks.

kamisama4873d ago

GoOod luck man! with ur exam

Athlon4873d ago

Thanks, kamisama. This site provides a good break from studying.

wolfehound224873d ago

This is nice to here. Nice to see positive news for once in stead of RROD this and PS3 dying get out your shovels. This is what we need to hear good stuff.