Xbox 360 Will Become Number One Selling Console In The World

Microsoft just ended it’s E3 press conference, one it hoped delivered a message to fans that Xbox 360 was set to become the number console globally because of its vast amount of offerings.

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movements4260d ago

I think they're mass-marketing the console to not only gamers but to everyone. Literally. The hardcore might not like it but moms and dads will, and frankly, they're the ones with the money.

Focker4204260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

The average age of gamers is mid-30's, you're talking like the 'hardcore' base is all teenagers...

LOGICWINS4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

"Xbox 360 Will Become Number Selling Console In The World"

In the world? No..I don't believe that. Ninty won't let that happen.

dp2774074260d ago

I dont think anyone does but hey they can try.

4260d ago
Fishy Fingers4260d ago

Think he was meant to add a "one" in there somewhere.

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The story is too old to be commented.