Assassin's Creed Rumors about PS3 put to rest. It runs great.

NZGamer: On the internet there have been huge dramas over a comment during an interview you made regarding technical issues on the 360 and PS3. Want to clear that up for us?
Patrice: (Laughs) Well, I wasn't supposed to answer that question the first time. Basically my role isn't the technical side of the game but I was asked what were the biggest challenges we faced... Maybe, also, it was my English as I'm not very good with my tenses. I mean, the game is almost gold, so it'll be on DVD on the 360, everything which needed to be figured out for the PS3. We didn't cut anything, it's all there.

Another thing, when I did that interview, it was in September, there was an embargo, and they couldn't print it for another three weeks. So the "problems" were being reported when it wasn't the case. The game will be out on time, on both platforms, and everything is fine. There really is no issue!

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ATLRoAcH5582d ago (Edited 5582d ago )

Can we lay all the bull to rest.Whether you got a 360 or a PS3 you will get the game and it will be great.Don't talk bull about the PS3 its version was built separately,ITS NOT A PORT.COD:4 isn't a port either.This is great because we all get to enjoy Assassin's Creed.So no hating just happy.Lets all just get over the Bull Sh!t.I'm tired of it,I know all you are.After all the crap everyone was talking both versions will be good.So I ask you...whats wrong with that?

Also 25 hours of gameplay and 120 NPCs on screen is amazing.And its a sandbox game so you'll get more than 25 hours out of it.I'm really glad I pre-ordered the limited edition.I'm really looking forward to this game.

mentalboy115582d ago

well, seeing that assassins creed was originally planned only for ps3, it should be apparent that the base build of the game was originally on ps3, then making another one for 360 when it became multi-platform.

Razzy5582d ago

Sounds like this game could be a winner on both platforms but I'll wait for the reviews before I decide weather or not to pick up this title.

AngryTypingGuy5582d ago

"well, seeing that assassins creed was originally planned only for ps3, it should be apparent that the base build of the game was originally on ps3, then making another one for 360 when it became multi-platform."

Not necessarily. It was announced first, for the PS3, but I think they were both planned all along. Let's not forget that long before it was announced for the 360, when they showed early demos of the game at video game expos, they were running on the 360 and not the PS3. That's telling in itself.

Ignorant Fanboy5582d ago

It is common knowledge that Sony asked them to only announce the PS3 version as a favor. When everyone saw that it was running on a 360, the secret was out.

So if anything, the 360 was made first.

DISCIPLE1115582d ago

any can answer wut is a npc

DarkArcani5582d ago

NPC is "National Processing Company."
They are the ones who funded the game. J/K.

It stand for Non-Playable Character. Pretty much the crowd. 120 characters on screen.

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xhi45582d ago

both version were built from the ground up, not a crappy EA like port. However, I do feel a sense of loathing, not sure that is quite the word I'm looking for, but I just feel the ps3 version was not taken to it's full potential (I hear the sighs), for instance extra content, extras such as behind the scenes etc., six axis use a bit like uncharted, I mean because Microsoft is spending so much money to promote this game for the 360, and shy away the fact it is also coming out on the PS3.

For instance, Jade Raymond appearing at the 360 E3 conference, not ps3, the xbox 360 coming out with a limited edition, promotion has been primarily for the 360 version, Jade ringing up the guy who stated the 360's disadvantage of the DVD 9. As much as they say for PR reasons "yes we fitted everything onto the DVD", I bet they would have loved to add so much more. I mean come on, compression can only get you so far.

I would have liked it if my 360 had a built in HD-DVD, or hell Blu-Ray, that would be really awesome if i could play games that weren't being packed onto a disc format that the bloody ps2 used.

But anyway I'm excited for this game, I'm not sure which version I'll get yet, I'll have to wait for the reviews to come in and then decide. But assassins creed is looking mad regardless and a second day buy for me! (second day because of the reviews lol)

tplarkin75582d ago

EGM had a 4 page hands-on preview about the problems with AC. The controls are not great, the combat is repetitive, the plot is iffy, and some others. The conclusion was that AC was improved, but still needs work.

Definitely wait for reviews!

Thugbot1875582d ago

I agree having a built in HD-DVD would have been nice to a point. However my biggest gripe with MS about the 360 is they didn’t make a hard-drive standard to all SKU’s. By doing that that would have solved a lot of issues straight from the start. As for the part about extra content, I’m not so worried in this area because Sony has the PSN network and MS live marketplace and they can make all that extra stuff free downloadable content, so no side really gets shafted.

ATLRoAcH5582d ago

Theres a limited edition of Assassin's Creed for the PS3 also.They announced it at the same time they announced the 360 Limited Edition.And all the promotions I've seen have been promoting both versions.

gamesblow5582d ago

This game is going to suffer from massive ammounts of idiot AI and chugging framerates... It's Ubi-soft. They're not makers of anything worth while.

vaan5582d ago

I hope I'm wrong but I'm not at all into getting this game. Frame rates are going to crap.
I hope I'm wrong. If I am I'll eat this post.

bababrooks5582d ago

that is a very harsh comment, from your post i think i will have to disagree. ubi have made some great games. could it be you suffer from fanboyeyetuss due to the fact that ubi have said they are finding it hard to adapt to the ps3?

Edwin19895582d ago (Edited 5582d ago )

like R6 Vegas and GRAW2...

those Ubisoft games were running almost perfectly smooth on the PS3...

tplarkin75582d ago

It's good that the developer says it's dandy on PS3, but we won't really know until the review.

games4fun5582d ago

go away come again another day. seriously your like the depressing rain in a song when a day is going great. Your avatar says it all why are you on this site, not to mention that the game isn't out yet so leave criticisms to people who have actually played the whole game unless you are somehow in ubisofts employ which would be wierd of you to say these things.