E3 2011: Microsoft Showcases Halo 4, Halo HD Remake (with screens)


"It's the first day of E3, and Microsoft has started with the biggest announcement of E3 2011.

"During their conference, everything went quiet. Halo 4 was announced.

"A complete HD remake of the original Halo is coming as well.

"OXCGN gives you the rundown of how it all happened."

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Focker4202693d ago

Halo 4 was the only new core exclusive. Everything else was either multi-plat or just kinect games... Pretty sad if you ask me.

Hagaf222693d ago

Yeah, title of this article should be "E3 2011: Microsoft Showcases Multiplatform games and Kinect" MS truly alienated hardcore gamers this year.

JsonHenry2693d ago

I never got into the Halo games myself, but this is huge with their install base. However, they have yet to give me one reason to play anything on the 360 that is not a kinect specific title. Even their "Summer of Live" games are weak compared to last years.

FACTUAL evidence2693d ago

Wow I kind of called this....every E3 for MS is gears or halo....a cow can't even be milked more than the halo franchise. MS please make a new IP.....sorry not A new, SOME new IP's..

Masta_fro2693d ago

the conference freakin sucked...

Where the hell are my new games?

Kinnect sucks ass, why the [email protected] does microsoft think i want to yell at my TV, idiots man, screw this.

(You´ll imediately see the articles "microsoft impresses, microsoft rocks e3, from the media, but we all know it fkin sucked)

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Proeliator2693d ago

I agree. It wasn't as bad as last year's, but nowhere near E3 09.

gaminoz2693d ago

When is more Halo too much Halo?

BadCircuit2693d ago

Well at least there are more Kinect games...

Foxgod2693d ago

That Halo4 trailer was pretty good, hopefully some gameplay soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.