Nintendo's Best-Selling Wii Games: Six First-Party Million Sellers

Nintendo revealed six first party-published Wii games that have sold over a million copies worldwide on October 26. IGN reports five out of the six:

1. Wii Sports: 11.1 million
2. Wii Play: 6.3 million
3. Mario Party 8: 2.9 million
4. Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree: 1.8 million
5. Mario Strikers Charged: 1.3 million

IGN has apparently made an error and omitted the sixth title. According to user comments at IGN and Wikipedia, the missing title could be either The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (3.61 million), Wario Ware: Smooth Moves (1.82 million), or Super Paper Mario (1.74 million).

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TheMART4873d ago

Wiisports isn't a real seperate sales number, bundled with Wii's you can't choose for the game.

Furthermore, 6 games that sold more then a million. If I am right, the 360 had 14 games that sold a million or more after a year. It just proves that the Wii doesn't have many good games to sell, although those that sell, sell very well.

Bathyj4873d ago

Ummm, no ones talking about Xbox you douche.

I swear you could read a toaster review and then say, "But the Xbox has a nicer white finish and you can buy faceplates. Xbox is better than that toaster."

Grow up Mart, your sh*ts so old.

eclipsegryph4873d ago

Actually, MART, Wii Sports isn't bundled ALL over the world. Some people have to purchase it. So it's a valid sales figure.

ITR4873d ago

Wii Sports is not bundled in Japan. It sells for around $40 US over there.

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TruthbeTold4873d ago

For one, Wii Sports isn't packaged with the Wii in Japan. Two, who cares about what the 360 did? This is a Nintendo article. If your chosen system is doing so well, then why act so threatened? Why not just be happy about how great your system is and leave others to enjoy their own choices? There doesn't seem to be a single positive story on this site for any system, where haters visit without leaving an unnecessary pile of crap.

"OMG, Teh suckz Wii had somethin nise sed about it! I shud go an talk crapzorz!"


unsunghero284873d ago

You're absolutely right. Gaming should go back to being about the games.

Everyone who disagreed with you is a douche.

Have a bubble for being one of the rare people around here with a brain.

Jack Bauer4873d ago

take any bad game idea, put mario in it...and whoa!!! it's magically a million seller!!!!

Ares844873d ago

It's 100% correct!! You could sell a steaming pile of [email protected] if it had Mario written on it!

Wii60PS3DSPSP4873d ago

Just like you could sell a giant turd with the playstation name on it... Oh snap! lol had to do it.

unsunghero284873d ago

Because I like Nintendo and Sony, but I STILL thought Gen16's comment was hilarious!

forum_crawler4873d ago

That every game with the name Mario in it will most likely have lots of action, and it would be fun to play. Take Strikers, Mario Kart and Party. Those games are super fun to play, and not because they try to be simulators, no, it is because when the name Mario is associated with a game, you know there will be turtles coming at you out of every angle, there will be banana peels, big fire balls, you name it. The Mario universe is extensive enough to offer all kinds of thrills to those who play Mario games.

But if flak cannons, grenades, sniper riffles, and what not is what you consider fun (I do too. UT forever!!!), and only that, do not go on and call Mario games bad games just because they don't offer what you are interested in. There are millions of gamers out there who would disagree with your opinion. I for one am one of them.

Yes, I am a hardcore gamer too, but I use my PC for that. When I want to play fun games, I play wii games. Strikers, Metroid, RE4, and Zelda (Yes I realize that RE4, Metroid, Zelda are for hardcore gamers too :)).

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DeckUKold4873d ago

since Nintendo packed in wii sports in it

pwnsause4873d ago

there are some territories that the wii is not packaged with Wii Sports

otherZinc4873d ago

Wii Sports & Wii play doesn't count, they're pack-ins.

So Nintendo has 4 world wide million sellers.

DeckUKold4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

but if it wasn't for the remote i would of never brought it Nintendo has a good marketing scheme and wii sports the guy explain to me is not packed in japan and some other territories

eclipsegryph4873d ago

Regardless of the fact that Wii Play comes with a Wii Remote, people had to actually purchase the game to get the remote. It's simply called good marketing. You'll see the same thing happen with the Wii Zapper, and the included game "Link's Crossbow Training", only in reverse - people will buy the peripheral only to get the game. Nothing wrong with that from a business perspective.

That, and Wii Sports isn't included in the Wii boxed set all over the globe. Some people have to go out and purchase it.

unsunghero284873d ago

It's almost funny how idiotic people sound if they don't even bother reading the whole intro.

Like, I dunno, the last paragraph?

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