E3 2011 Live Coverage: Star Wars Kinect

Star Wars Kinect will allow gamers to have the full Jedi experience from realistic lightsaber battles, to moving objects with the Force. You are able to dodge and block blasters and control your movement very accurately. Kinect also allows for voice recognition, allowing the gamer to develop a greater connection to the game-play. Kinect also brings pod-racing and piloting to an all-new level with motion-detection.

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jerethdagryphon2694d ago

an on the rails gesture game..... ill skip

mrv3212694d ago

I think that's 20% of the iPhone game marketplace.

trounbyfire2694d ago

microsoft just said it uses a controller and kinect but yeah looks ewwwww

Rainstorm812694d ago

who would want to play this with a controller...or with kinect for that matter.

The gameplay looked very laggy and unresponsive, and quite frankly not that fun at all

Myze2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Considering the kid games looked ok for kids, I would have to say this was the worst looking game at Microsoft's conference (not talking about graphics, which were actually ok).

It had terribly slow response times, it's on rails, the game feels distant from the story world of Star Wars (as in, just a SW skin to appease fans, and connecting it to Star Wars and giving it that feel should have been easy considering the short amount of time shown). The only thing that could be kind of cool is the pod racing.

bakagaijin782694d ago

I noticed some pretty bad lag between action and response too. It really is sad that Kinect can only seem to do on-rails. Especially since I have Kinect and have been waiting for something a little more impressive than what is available right now.

And going forward in-game by doing a chest-bumping action?


Adva2694d ago

I saw a delay in action/reaction ;|

GunofthePatriots2694d ago

looks completely, STOOOOOOPID

DJMarty2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Laughable...................Ki nect sucks......LOL

trounbyfire2694d ago

i disagree the ME3 voice system was actually a great addition but its a 150 add on features

kinect bing serch was cool very easy but if microsoft was smart they would let you choose you 360 name but everything else SUCKED hards

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