Mass Effect 3; Others On Xbox 360 Pick Up Voice Commands

As a critical piece of Microsoft’s E3 press event this morning, your Xbox 360 will be picking up voice commands for supported titles in the coming year.

Available through your controller and standard microphone, or via Kinect, take control of Mass Effect 3, Madden NFL, and other supported titles as Microsoft updates for feature support.

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SilentNegotiator2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

The problem is.....couldn't this EASILY be done with a much cheaper microphone? Are we going to be forced to spend $150 for such a simply technology as voice control? Or will they provide the option to use a USB microphone?

edit: There's a chance that they said you use any microphone and I completely missed it, idk.
"Ignore the man with the microphone (echoing)" lol, I could be wrong.

thekidq2689d ago

yeah $150 for a mic is a little much if you've got no other games to use it with.

captain-obvious2689d ago

im still cant think of why not instead of kinect
use a normal mic and make it on all versions

like its cool if anyone wants to use it (i sure wont)
but this is not something you'll NEED kinect for


I know for sure that Microsoft engineered some voice recognition sotfware for Xbox 360 because of Kinect, so it can be a reason.

Not saying it's a good reason, voice recognition can be easily implemented in anything indeed (most phones have it).

But we know how this stuff works, develops don't like making extra stuff without getting paid, MS more likely than not reached to them for exclusive content, the software already existed, so things rolled out like that...

What really bugs me was the Ghost Recon presentation... The french (?) guy said Kinect was being used in ways only it could do... I didn't see anything that can't be done with a button, even the quick weapon tunning is just a voice entry, not only it can be done with any ordinary mic but also an option to randomize or optimize for certain task assigned to a button would do the same thing...

Kon2689d ago

"Available through your controller and standard microphone"

Menech2689d ago

Kon some people where born with a reading disability.

Don't correct the poor souls that's ignorant :/

SilentNegotiator2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

But I don't recall them saying that at E3....and I doubt this source would know better. THAT is my problem here, not a "reading disability"

Perhaps a HEARING disability, if they DID say that at E3.

So I'm not the only one not to actually hear them say this at E3. I think this article is making an assumption.

justGAMES2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Yeah no disrespect but i find this article a bit misleading they never said anything about using regular mic

Right!!! assumptions not facts

JoeIsMad2689d ago

Nah, you can use either that Kinect mic or your own.

SilentNegotiator2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Did they say that?

JoeIsMad2689d ago

They did mention that about the other Kinect talk features. I can't see talking in Mass Effect with the Kinect Mic when you'll already be wearing a mic to play online.

Redempteur2689d ago

sorry what is the point of playing online and mass effect ? ( in the same sentence ? )


The mic that come bundled with 360 is supposed to be used in online play... I think he means that, as in "any mic you use for online play", but obviously refering to use it in Mass Effect for voice commands.

thekidq2689d ago

I really hope this title showcases the technology that really hasn't been properly utilized.

justGAMES2689d ago

Does Mass Effect feature online play now?

thekidq2689d ago

Man if anygame impressed me with it's Kinect integration, it's Mass Effect 3. Voice commands for squad is awesome.

JoeIsMad2689d ago

Got to agree with this. It seemed like that was one of the few times I was really 'Wow'd' by MS this run, even though the technology exists already.

gapecanpie2689d ago

I like the Bing+Kinect+voice recognition I think that will be some serious competition for google.

MS have good ideas on how to use kinect but they shouldn't try to implant it into every game thats MS real problem.

Pedobear Rocks2689d ago

I'll presume that any multiplat game will have this in PS3 as well then since it is completely software driven and not reliant on unique hardware accessories. SOCOM and that Tom Clancy game and SingStar all show the PS3 is able to handle this.

5119ent2689d ago

i recall doing this in socom 2

5119ent2689d ago

socom 2 didn't have voice controls....?

I recall playing it

jack_burt0n2689d ago

would imagine ps3 will have support for it.

5119ent2689d ago

i think the Snes had a speaking game....

dc12689d ago

However - this is a nice to have.
They must have incorporated an auto lock feature... or the team randomly targets enemies.

If I have to line up my sights.. I might as well pull the trigger.

(I like the pause commend option)

Inzo2689d ago

Thats brilliant, now the whole family can enjoy the game and and you shouting at your TV, that is just what every parent wants.

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