Fable: The Journey debut trailer and footage

Check out the first trailer and footage for Fable: The Journey.

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beast242tru2749d ago

interesting but ill pass still as great as the tech is im sure ill be annoyed by it and just pick up my controller again

AliTheBrit4202749d ago

Is this Kinect only?

Or a fully fledged game which happens to be playable with Kinect

What I mean is, if I dont have shitty Kinect will I miss out on stuff.

If I dont have a keyboard under my fingers or a game controller in my hands, I'm not playing a game.

Waving your arms around is not a game, its a gimmick, that was being used by the EyeToy and has come full circle, the only reason Kinect and Move exist is because of how well Nintendo Wii sells.

malamdra2749d ago

so Fable now is a light gun game on rails?


Myze2749d ago

I always wanted a fantasy FPS on rails!

...What are they thinking? =\

FlashXIII2749d ago

I think someone needs to take Peter Molyneux (spelling?) and do a clockwork orange style screening of this footage with him and force him to watch it 24 hours a day for a week. Maybe then he'll come to his senses and realize what a complete and utter waste of resources this shitty looking game is. Expected better from Lionhead.

Nicaragua2749d ago

really - even after fable 3 ?

grailly2749d ago

so, it's a rail-shooter, right?

hazelamy2749d ago

it's a new genre created just for kinect.
the wave em up.

the defining feature of this genre is the gameplay mainly consists of waving at the screen.

just watch all the videos of kinect games, look how much waving people do.

MidnytRain2749d ago

Wave 'em up, lol! +Bubbles

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The story is too old to be commented.